Festival of Lights 2015, Berlin


Every year in Berlin, just after the first golden phase of autumn with sunny days and blue skies starts changing into mistier weather with bitingly cold nights, the Festival of Lights comes along to illuminate the city. Traditionally we always ride our bikes around the city to check out some of the illuminated landmarks; every year I forget how cold it was the year before! But it’s worth it as this way you can ride easily from one spot to another. We took a route starting at Alexanderplatz and rode to the Dom, Gendarmenmarkt, Potsdamerplatz, Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg gate) and finally to the Siegersaule (Victory column). Here are some photos. Continue reading


Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #10 – Changing seasons

It’s been a while since I updated on the little pleasures that make the week good!

First it was really busy at work, and then I was away on holiday for two weeks. The first week I was at home in South Africa (always a BIG pleasure, nothing small about that!) and the next week we went on holiday in Slovenia and Croatia, which was also fantastic. But here are some of the little moments I’ve enjoyed over the last weeks.

While summer was still here, swimming and playing badminton at the lakes, and a weekend trip to Cesky Raj and Prague with our friends.

IMG_20150809_221233 IMG_20150820_234450 IMG_20150820_235010


Spending time with the kitties and dogs in Czech. I miss having pets so it’s always great to spend some time with these guys.

IMG_20150823_113622 IMG_20150915_224301IMG_20150822_191209

A trip home meant springtime in South Africa. I went on hikes, visited the beach and Kirstenbosch garden, marvelled at all the spring flowers at West coast national park, enjoyed the sunshine and most of all just enjoyed being home. It was also nice to have my car back for a few days!

IMG_20150902_144935 IMG_20150902_150158 IMG_20150904_134706 IMG_20150920_203951

During the 2 weeks I was away from Berlin, summer suddenly disappeared and autumn arrived in its place. That means it’s time for cold weather foods such as goulash and stews, and seasonal foods like pumpkins and pomegranates. It’s also time to start doing some indoor sports such as squash and climbing/bouldering.

10629684_10152731234077392_1682866657143559254_n IMG_20150921_221425 IMG_20150921_220442IMG_20150920_201609

To read what other people around the world have been up to this week, check out A New Life wandering. Have a lovely week!



Goodbye Golden Autumn

Although I certainly miss the many months of sunshine in my homeland, one of my favourite things about living in Berlin is the way the city experiences all four seasons very vividly. In winter there’s extreme cold and snow, in spring the trees burst to life with blossoms and the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers; summer days are long and filled with visits to the lakes, and in autumn the trees turn glorious shades of gold, red, orange and pink, as if someone has come and painted them. Continue reading