Goodbye Golden Autumn

Although I certainly miss the many months of sunshine in my homeland, one of my favourite things about living in Berlin is the way the city experiences all four seasons very vividly. In winter there’s extreme cold and snow, in spring the trees burst to life with blossoms and the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers; summer days are long and filled with visits to the lakes, and in autumn the trees turn glorious shades of gold, red, orange and pink, as if someone has come and painted them. Continue reading

Štrúdl (Czech strudel)

J’s family live on a farm in the Czech republic, and when we go to visit we are always offered lots of delicious home grown foods from the cellar: fruits, honey, potatoes, eggs, nuts, preserves and jams. Last time we returned to Berlin with a big bag of apples and pears, so “Let’s make ŝtrúdl!” said J one evening.

It’s really quick to make and delicious for breakfast or tea-time. We also tried a (non-traditional) savoury version (shown in the third picture), where instead of a fruit filling we added spinach, feta, dill, ground coriander, paprika, salt and pepper. This made a really great lunch! Continue reading