Autumn biking in Naturpark Barnim



We enjoyed a long, warm and golden autumn this year, but finally the rain came, followed by strong winds, and now the trees are bare again. It made me sad to see them at first, knowing that it would be many months before we would see them coming alive again. Once the leaves had fallen, the temperatures dropped rapidly, and we have even had some light snow already. Before we get too far into deep, dark winter, I wanted to share some photos of our glorious autumn season. To start with, here are some photos from a bike ride we did in Naturpark Barnim, a big nature area in Brandenburg near Berlin. We started at Karow and followed lovely cycle paths all the way to Eberswalde. Brandenburg is really the perfect place for cycling.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn biking in Naturpark Barnim

    • nn says:

      Thanks! 🙂 Autumn is probably the most beautiful season here, although I guess they all have their beauties. It was a very sunny autumn too. I feel a bit sad that it’s over, but winter also brings good things.

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