Colourful World – Apricot and Peach

Alhambra, Spain

Courtyard in Alhambra, Spain

This week Cee chose the colours apricot and peach for her Fun Foto Challenge Colourful World Series. A few weeks ago, I took a photo of summer’s bounty: the bowl of apricots and plums we’d picked on J’s family’s farm in Czech. So I went back to that photo to study the shades of apricot, wondering if I’d taken any other photos that included natural shades of apricot and peach during my stay in Germany. The answer was, not many, apart from some orange-yellow flowers! Apricot and peach are shades of summer, warm colours, and this is more a land of greens and blues. Looking back at my photos, I found that these colours were more common in warmer countries: in the orange sand and rock found in some parts of South Africa and other dry countries, which turns a yellow-orange apricot shade when the sun is setting,  and the peach-coloured stone of the beautifully carved Alhambra in Spain. It has been dry this year in central Europe, and last weekend we did ride past some wheatfields which had turned an almost peach colour in the sun. Actually, a great trick to make a room appear warmer is to paint it in shades of peach or apricot, and I noticed that buildings painted in these colours still look warm in winter or on a rainy day. Here are some of the photos I found with shades of apricot and peach.

Summer’s bounty, straight from the trees


Flowers in shade of orange and yellow.

IMG_20150214_173714 IMG_20150219_232045

A wheat field after a hot summer


Wheatfields in Brandenburg

The orange shades of dry countries


Granada, Spain


Kruger National Park, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa


Kruger National Park, South Africa


Kruger National Park, South Africa

The peach coloured stone of Alhambra

IMG_20150711_170448 IMG_20150711_170520

Sunsets and Nemos (clownfish)


Sunset at Noordhoek, South Africa


Finding Nemo

Bringing warmth by painting or lighting in shades of peach and apricot, oranges and yellows, even in cool climates.


Berlin Friedrichschain


Helsinki, Finland


Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic


A rainy day in Piran, Slovenia


Roses in Berlin

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4 thoughts on “Colourful World – Apricot and Peach

    • nn says:

      Thanks, what a lovely comment! It was fun looking for the peach and apricot colours everywhere – I will probably notice them more from now on! Thanks for organising these fun challenges.

  1. The selection of photos is amazing, and the peachy colours are very lovely. I was in Andalucia in May and visited The Alhambra…awesome place. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Millie

    • nn says:

      Thanks! Yes Alhambra is amazing, isn’t it? Also the palace in Seville. I still want to sort out all of those photos and write a blog post about it!

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