Grandpa’s rock buns


These rocks buns were on my grandfather’s wishlist for every birthday, Christmas and Father’s day, so my mother would always make him a big tin and some for us at the same time. She would make some slightly burnt ones especially for me, because I liked them that way. I guess the reason my grandfather liked rock buns so much is that they are good with a cup of tea. I think they make a nice breakfast when you’re in a hurry!


250g flour
2 level teaspoons baking powder
125g butter
125g sugar
125g dried fruit mix (raisins, currants ,sultanas and orange/lemon peel). You can make your own mix).
1 egg, beaten with a fork
milk to mix

Sieve the flour. Rub in butter until the mix has a consistency like fine breadcrumbs,
Stir in the sugar and fruit. Mix in beaten egg and add enough milk to make a sticky consistency.
Drop the mixture into greased muffin or cookie pans.
Sprinkle with sugar lightly before baking
Bake for for 12-15 mins at 220 degrees C or 425 degrees F.

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