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About an hour from Prague are other cities and towns well worth a visit. We’ve made a couple of day trips to several of them. Two cities, Pardubice and Hradec Kralove, lie relatively close to each other, and not far from Pardubice lies the town of Chrudim. We visited this lovely town again this weekend and I thought it was about time I posted some photos of it.


Archaeological findings in the region date back to the 5th millenium BC. Chrudim was established before 1276 and became a dowry town (Věnné město) to Bohemian queens. A dowry town is one that was given by a Bohemian king to his wife. Chrudim, along with Hradec Králové (meaning: Castle of the Queen) and Vysoké Mýto, were given to Elisabeth Richeza by Wenceslaus II, and later by Charles IV to Elizabeth of Pomerania.

From 1526 until  1918, Chrudim was part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. In the 18th and 19th centuries the town grew and the medieval centre of the town was no longer big enough for the population. Industrial development and cultural activities expanded in the 19th century, and Chrudim was known as “Athens of Eastern Bohemia.” Today the population is about 23 000.

Reasons to visit Chrudim?

Historical buildings – The old town of Chrudim is lovely to walk around in, and there are several churches and other places to visit. On one side of the town square is a map, unfortunately I did not get a good photo of it, but it points out the places of interest to visit.

IMG_20140705_113657 IMG_20151228_163817 IMG_20151228_164113 IMG_20160313_160045 IMG_20160313_161743

IMG_20160313_160952 IMG_20160313_161214

Photography  – you will enjoy taking photos of the old town of Chrudim layered on the hill, and with the river running through it. It’s a very photogenic place.

IMG_20160313_161645 IMG_20140705_110203

Chocolate – We stopped at a cake and coffee shop just off the main square and the chocolate cake we tried was amazing. No photos because it didn’t last very long!

Free wifi – in the town square.


Wifi with a nice view

Easy to find WC! – It’s nice when a town thinks of traveller’s needs!


Cobblestones – There is something nice about cobblestones beneath your feet!


Get some exercise on “The Wide Stairs” – You’ll end up here at some point, and they are very charming!

IMG_20140705_105857 IMG_20160313_161822


Nature nearby – Not far from Chrudim are the iron mountains, where there are several hiking and biking trails with viewpoints as well as country-style restaurants and pensions serving local Czech dishes, including wild boar. You will come across wishing wells and even drinking wells complete with cups left for the traveller.

IMG_20160313_153016 IMG_20160313_153642 IMG_20160313_153701

Just walking around – It’s interesting looking in the little shops and trying out the restaurants and bakeries. You can try the local wafers and  biscuits, or in summer eat an ice-cream (vanilla and melon is a popular combination).

IMG_20140705_111756 IMG_20140705_113344 IMG_20151228_164329 IMG_20160313_160020 IMG_20160313_160643 IMG_20160313_160652

Enjoy Chrudim!

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