Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #17 – Berlin and Brandenburg

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Small Pleasures, Mani’s blog event where you take note of the little things during the week that bring you happiness. After spending the whole week working inside a biosafety level 3 facility, the weekend was a good chance to get some sun and some time outdoors. We had great weather in Berlin this weekend, and spent Saturday walking around the city of Berlin and Sunday cycling in the surrounding countryside of Brandenburg.

Our first stop on Saturday morning was the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, an indoor market where you can enjoy different foods such as English pies, Italian cheeses, German cakes, Spanish tapas as well as craft beers, coffee and ice-cream. a good coffee is always a pleasure. After that we took a long walk around Berlin. My favourite part was the pretty and charming area around the Nikolaiviertel. After a brief stop at home we headed off again to check out the blossoms at Bornholmer Strasse and continued walking by the railway tracks right up until Pankow.

On Sunday we went for a bike ride on the Panoramaweg, as it is Baumblütenfest time. We enjoyed cycling in the countryside through villages, orchards and countryside and trying the fruit wines along the way.

Other pleasures of the week were the fact that it’s getting light later now, the temperatures shot up, ending the cold spell of the week before, and we are having blue skies more regularly.

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Wishing everyone a good week ahead!


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2 thoughts on “Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #17 – Berlin and Brandenburg

  1. I gotta admit your weekly small pleasures make me a little jealous cause you live in Europe and a great country, and you get to enjoy the pleasures that come with that.. amazing festivals.. markets.. and beautiful surroundings. 🙂

    • nn says:

      If it makes you feel better, it’s only just got warm after 8 months of being cold, and I am stuck in the lab all week 😉 But yes, when it’s sunny and warm it is lovely! The good time of the year starts now. I’m jealous of your trips to Mexico city and all the great food you get to eat, and your trips to gym (miss gym from home! 🙂

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