Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #20 – Cambridge in spring

As Mani from A New Life Wandering says: Share your happiness! I find that the small things that make us happy every day are easily forgotten. This blog event is simply about remembering and sharing those small things that made you happy during the week.

Technically this is two week’s worth of small pleasures as the last two weeks have been quite busy and sort of rolled into one! We took a weekend trip to Cambridge, then I had to prepare a work presentation and poster, and we had our work retreat. Here were some of the highlights of the last two weeks.

Enjoying the beauty of Cambridge in spring… walking along the Backs, punting and visiting the colleges.




Indulging in English food… like tea and scones and local chocolate (Cadbury’s) that we have in South Africa but can’t get in Germany as well as tea, biscuits and other goodies.



Back in Berlin  – the first summer thunderstorm of the year. That’s when you know summer has arrived!


Saturday at a medieval festival in Hoppegarten, Berlin. This was great fun with something to keep us entertained all day long: traditional music, Celtic music concerts, dramatizations, falconry, medieval dancing and more. I even saw a unicorn (so realistic I couldn’t help wondering if they still have them hidden away somewhere in Europe!).





Sunday bike ride. We rode from Potsdam to Werder an der Havel and back to Wannsee, stopping along the way at a Japanese bonsai garden. It was a lovely sunny day and somehow you always feel good afterwards knowing you cycled about 60km. The weather was also hot and sunny, it feels like summer now.


130 year old bonsai



Work retreat in Brandenburg. It was a relaxed meeting and nice to be in the area, which felt a bit like a tropical rainforest because of the warm humid weather, rain and thundershowers and the noises of all the birds around in the trees. I’ve heard a lot more cuckoos this year than my previous years in Germany for some reason. When they cuckoo I almost expect that they are telling the time.


And now it’s back to Berlin. Let’s see what this week brings! Have a great week!


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