Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #21 – Summer days


Well, June disappeared quickly, didn’t it! I have missed quite a few weeks of Weekly Small Pleasures, as there have been quite a few meetings and a lot of work this month. So one of this week’s small pleasures is getting the opportunity to participate in this blog event again this week 🙂 Thanks to Mani for being so diligent and keeping this blog event running all this time!

Here were this week’s small pleasures:

1.Summer weather. In South Africa I took sun for granted most of the time, but living through Berlin winters has taught me to appreciate every sliver of it. We’re having a lot of good, sunny weather this year.


I never get tired of blue skies…on the road in Czech Republic

2. Having the chance to wander around a bit in Ulm when I was there for a work meeting. The train ride from Berlin to Ulm takes 7 hours, so I had to leave the afternoon before the meeting. As the meeting only started at lunchtime, I then had the morning to wander around. I was especially chuffed to spot a red squirrel and a robin in one of the parks.


3. Weekend on the farm in Czech. Since we had some wedding arrangements to see to, we went to J’s homeland (and Germany’s neighbour) for the weekend. It was a super long journey from Ulm (two trains, a bus and then in the car from Prague) but it’s always great to see the family and pets.


4. Summer flowers. May means canola fields while June means fields full of poppies and sunflowers. I never get tired of seeing these.



5. Picking fruit from the garden. This weekend the cherries were ripe and there were also still blackcurrants and redcurrants all over the bushes. We also found some gooseberries.



6. Making jam. I want to write another post on this, but I’ve been making jam from some of the fruit we’ve picked. This week the sour cherries and sweet cherries were ready. They were delicious and while I was preparing them for the jam I also really enjoyed eating them fresh!



7. Our new garden shelf on the balcony. Our balcony is full of tomato plants so J made this shelf one evening from leftover pieces of wood. I think it looks really nice!


Hope everyone has a lovely week. You can read about other people’s weekly small pleasures on a New Life Wandering, and in the links below.

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