Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #28 – going back in time

…because the clocks went back by 1 hour at 3am on Sunday morning, so we got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday! 😀


Other than that, I have to say that not much happened this week. But still it’s good to try to remember the good things about the week, so here goes:

Seeing the sun on Sunday. We have had only a few little glimpses of sun over the last MONTH. Every day there has been a hanging cloud over Berlin so we are not getting much light at all. Luckily the sun finally came out on Sunday, so we went for a walk around Spandau to enjoy it. Most of the walk was a bit too urban for my taste, but eventually we got to a bit more nature and reached the banks of Lake Tegel. We took a ferry across to the other bank, then went for dinner in the area. Here are some photos from our walk.

  1. img_20161030_145850 img_20161030_151721 img_20161030_153459 img_20161030_155853 img_20161030_160110 img_20161030_160442 img_20161030_160536 img_20161030_164219 img_20161030_192644 img_20161030_193049

Quiet night alone at home with cheese and wine. My husband was away at a conference for two days, and being alone I didn’t bother to cook but rather just enjoyed some good cheese, bread and leftover red wine we’d opened before he left. Now and then it’s good to have a restful evening with time for your thoughts.


Dinner and movie at home with a friend. On Friday a friend came around to watch a movie with me on “the big screen” using our projector (my cousin had a screen put up in his apartment for projecting movies and photos). It took us a while to figure out all the cables but eventually we got it and watched the feel-good movie “Eddie the Eagle” about a British ski jumper. We also had dinner and caught up on the news. Later on my husband got back from his trip, and it was nice to have him walking in the door.

Halloween party. A friend of ours hosted an early Halloween party. We spent most of Saturday at the shops so that was a hassle, but the party was nice. J made some “finger” biscuits as we were supposed to bring scary food, and it was funny to watch him baking ghoulish food with his face paint already on.

img_20161029_201150 img_20161029_201209 img_20161030_022725

Autumn leaves. I’m still enjoying the leaf colours, although the leaves are falling off very rapidly now.

img_20161028_095113 img_20161028_095133 img_20161029_134640 img_20161029_135227 img_20161029_135702

Random sights. Here are a few more things I enjoyed seeing while out and about this week:

The TV tower at Alexanderplatz – the sun came out for a brief moment.


Shop window display of a light shop.


Clever advertising strategy of a new cafe in the neighbourhood.


Till next time – have a good week! And you can check out more small weekly pleasures at Thistles and Kiwis, amongst others.


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2 thoughts on “Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #28 – going back in time

    • nn says:

      Haha…they had actually written chalk arrows all around the neighbourhood leading to their cafe! It was so tempting to follow them, I think we’ll try it out soon!

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