Slovenia: Photo Diary


We’ve visited Slovenia twice, once for the Easter weekend, and another time en route to Croatia from Czech Republic. It’s truly a beautiful country, containing the aquamarine Soča river, the Julian Alps, charming old towns, green countryside and friendly, kind people. Here are some of the photos we took along the way.

Soča River valley and Tolmin gorge

This river is known as the Emerald beauty, and it’s not hard to see why. We made a quick stop at the Tolmin gorge driving back from Croatia through Slovenia, and on our Easter trip to Slovenia we stopped at another point on the river for some hiking.





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A rainy day in Piran

We visited the coastal town of Piran over Easter in 2015. it was a rainy spring day but it’s a beautiful place and it’d be great to come back for a dip in summer.

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Lake Bled

A visit to Lake Bled castle taught us a little bit about the history of the area.

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When in Ljubiljana over an Easter weekend one year, we took a walk up to the castle for great views of the surrounding town. We also visited the local market and saw some traditional dancing.

img_20150404_105553 img_20150404_111927 img_20150404_113021 img_20150404_113137 img_20150404_113229 img_20150404_114140 img_20150404_114450 img_20150404_115455 img_20150404_115500 img_20150404_122144

img_20150404_125204 img_20150404_125846 img_20150404_130108 img_20150404_130149


Ptuj is famous for its thermal springs. We also got to try a local meal, Pljeskavica.


img_20150907_214837 img_20150908_090628


Slovenia has lots of caves. We paid a quick visit to one but would love to go back and explore them a bit more.

img_20150404_144719 img_20150404_144725 img_20150912_172520-effects

On the road

img_20150403_184639 img_20150405_180645 img_20150405_183343 p9080027



Clear waters, high mountains, lovely towns and countryside – who could wish for anything more? I hope we’ll visit Slovenia again soon!

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