Spring at West Coast national park (+ Langebaan and Club Mykonos)

My parents have been visiting us in Berlin the last two weeks fro South Africa, and interestingly, as Google keeps reminding me with photographs, this time last year I was visiting my home, South Africa…


That’s why one year ago I was enjoying a bit of South African spring. At this time of year (August/September) there are lots of places to visit the spring flowers, and my mom and I took a drive to the West coast national park (1.5 hours from Cape Town), which is open all year round but has one section which is only open in August and September, called Postberg.


I think I’ve visited this park in almost all seasons though. There are so many things to do there such as go for a walk, swim in the lagoon, bird-watch, spot some of the wildlife (you are bound to see a few ostriches and tortoises cross the road, and don’t forget about the sea-life as whale watching is also possible here and you can also have a peek into rock pools), have a picnic or a braai (barbecue) by the ocean, watch the waves crashing onto the shore…In some parts of the park you can also do water-sports. You can find a map of the park here.


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IMG_20150902_142148 IMG_20150902_142618

It’s always great when you catch the first glimpse of the azure lagoon.



There are houseboats situated there, not sure if there are permanent residents or if they are for renting! Maybe you can look on Airbnb 😉

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There are often flamingos hanging out here, but they are quite wild and run away if you get too close, so until I get a zoom lens this is the best shot you’re going to see!



There are lots more water birds to see too, and you can use bird hides near the marshy areas if you are patient enough to wait.

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But of course in spring it’s all about the beautiful flowers!

IMG_20150902_140339 IMG_20150902_140422 IMG_20150902_140848 IMG_20150902_141411 IMG_20150902_144802 IMG_20150902_150535

However whatever time of year you go there, you are bound to find something special and make good memories. There is also a visitor’s centre where you can read a bit about “Eve’s footprint”, the 117 000 year old fossilized footprint of a woman walking over the dunes. The visitor’s centre also has a restaurant serving amazing local dishes for good prices. We stopped here once in winter and had excellent butternut soup with home-made Cape bread. Nearby is also the West Coast Fossil Park where you can learn about ancient animals such as the predecessor of the giraffe, a really interesting trip. You can also visit the town of Langebaan, popular with holiday-makers because of nearby water sport areas, and the beach resort Club Mykonos, where you are bound to find crowds of dassies hanging out. Both Langenbaan and  Club Mykonos are good options if you feel like staying in the area for a weekend.  We stayed at a lovely B&B on a farm which offered great English breakfasts and even horse rides. You can also stay at the national park itself – once I slept in an old horse stable converted into a camping place!


A dassie enjoying the sun


Weaver bird nests




Plants for sale in Langebaan


Club Mykonos


Sunset view from a restaurant in Langebaan

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B&B in Langebaan


B&B in Langebaan

If you’re headed to Cape Town in spring or any time of year, definitely don’t hesitate to make a stop here on the West coast!


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