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One Photo Focus challenge – December 2015


This month’s One Photo focus challenge was a great flower photo by Julie Powell. Flower photos are always fun to play with! I always like to zoom in and look at the close-up details, which can be astounding. When the photo has good resolution, the zoom button is like your own little microscope. Here is the original photo: Continue reading


Starry Skies: August One Photo Focus challenge

With all the tools for post-processing of digital photos these days, you can have a lot of fun being creative with your images. To encourage people to learn and share different post-processing techniques, a photographer named Stacey Fisher has set up a Before and After weekly event, as well as a once a One Photo Focus month event where everyone processes the same photo in a different way. The idea is not only to share the images but also some explanation of how they were derived.

This month the photo challenge was “Drawing with Light” by Katie Prior. Here is the original (made smaller for my blog):

The Cobb before right size

Continue reading