Weekly Photo Challenge – Door


Door on church in Prague, Czech Republic

This week’s photo challenge theme was Door.

I was looking for one photo of a door in particular, but it’s an old photo and my photos are on various hard drives both in Berlin and South Africa, so I couldn’t find it. But on browsing some very old photos (taken with a very old point and shoot camera) I realized that a) I really have a lot of photos of doors and b) there is a remarkable variety of styles of door. So here are some photos of some doors around the world (click on the photos to view them larger).

Doors in Greece

door20 door18 door12


















Colourful doors in Mexico

door65 door64













Doors of Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Thailand)

Doors that echo the structure of the building (Thailand, Italy)

Doors that blend in with nature (Japan)

door47 door49

Arabic doors (mosque in Malaysia)


Doors of Portugal (Lisbon)

Old and ancient doors (Vietnam, Ireland, Turkey, Greece)

Doors to the underworld (Turkey, Greece)