Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #23 – 2 in 1


We’re now in the good part of summer where it’s warm enough to wear a skirt or shorts almost every day. It feels like summer is just beginning as time goes so quickly, so I was a bit disconcerted to realize that we’re heading into our last month of summer now that it’s almost August. We’ve had a lot of unsettling news lately, what with Brexit, various terror attacks across the world, and the attempted coup in Turkey. Crazy times. However, here are some of the good moments from the last two weeks for the Weekly Small Pleasures blog event. From small pleasures from far away in New Zealand, you can also check out Thistles and Kiwis! Continue reading

Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände

There are many parks in Berlin, each of them with a slightly different character. Today we visited Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände, right next to Priesterweg bahnhof. Entry costs only 1 euro. This park is an example of how quickly nature takes over once a man-made place is abandoned. The area the park is in used to be a railway yard, and when you walk through the natural forest you can see the remains of train repair areas, buildings and railway tracks. It’s a fun place to walk around. Here are some photos!