The last stage of the Spree cycle trail (Spreeradweg)

Last year we spent 4 days in May cycling along the 415km Spree Cycle trail (Spreeradweg) from the source of the Spree river in a hilly area near the border of Czech Republic to Berlin. After 4 days, we finished somewhere near Tropical Island in Brandenburg and caught the train back to Berlin. This May we decided to go back to the cycle trail and do part of the section we’d missed, from Fürstenwalde to Köpenick (a suburb of Berlin).

It doesn’t take long to get to the beautiful green Spree once you arrive at
Fürstenwalde train station. It was a lovely spring day, with blue skies, dramatic clouds, sunshine, and a chill to the air perfect for biking.

The group we cycled with was pretty fast, so I couldn’t stop that often to take photos, but I enjoyed the views of the river and the fields we passed.

We passed through some villages and forests, and eventually stopped for lunch at Campingplatz Jägerbude. As it was spring, it was also “Spargelzeit” (Asparagus time), so quite a few of us had some dish involving asparagus. The white asparagus is very popular in Germany, and is often served with a hollandaise sauce.

After that the trail headed in the direction of Müggelsee, a popular lake of Berlin, which is surrounded by beautiful forest. We cycled over bridges that I’m sure we’ve kayaked or canoed under at some point.

In the end after reaching Köpenick , we all decided to cycle back to the centre of Berlin before heading off in different directions to home. We decided to take the greener route, which involved taking our bicycles on a ferry and cycling along the river in the Wuhlheide area to Treptower park.

All in all, it was a great day’s cycling, and also a great workout trying to keep up with the others on their racer bikes (I have a trekking/city bike).

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