There and back again – December to January


My last real blog post was just before we went away for Christmas holidays to South Africa via Namibia, and now it’s February already! I feel like I’m always behind these days. In between travelling I am overloaded with work, trying to meet all my many deadlines before the next trip. At the moment I’m away again, at a meeting in Switzerland. It should calm down a bit in February, but let’s see. Hopefully then I’ll have time to update on the places we’ve visited in December and January. Here is a sneak preview in the meanwhile.


We flew to Namibia, spent a week driving around for sightseeing, and then drove down to Cape Town, South Africa. The desert scenery of this vast, sparsely populated country is amazing. We saw several kinds of landscapes and the colours were always amazing.

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South Africa

Christmas was spent in South Africa, visiting some beaches, doing some hiking and taking my husband for his first South African wine tasting.

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IMG_20161224_221147_376 IMG_20161227_160527 IMG_20161222_133119

IMG_20161227_155759 IMG_20161227_160647


Back in Berlin, I spent two days at work in between Christmas and New Year. Understandably, not many other people were around!


Czech republic

After being in Berlin for just a few days, we drove to the Czech republic to spend New Year’s weekend with my husband’s family. It was misty weather, which meant beautiful frost in the mornings that painted the landscape silver.


IMG_20170102_221706_022 IMG_20170102_221801_692 IMG_20170102_221858_535 IMG_20170102_221951_690 IMG_20170102_222051_582 IMG_20170101_003203_331


Back in Berlin, we had a great flurry of snow and enjoyed making snowmen (along with the rest of Berlin). I was also rushing to finish a lot of work before our upcoming skiing trip to France (we take an annual skiing trip with friends and this year they picked January to go, which meant two holidays in a row).

IMG_20170111_145832 IMG_20170111_220928 IMG_20170111_142053 IMG_20170111_193331 IMG_20170111_220928


Harz for cross country skiing

One week before our France trip we spent a weekend in the Harz mountains for cross country skiing. It was good to be back on skis.



Les Deux Alpes, Alpes d’Huez and Serre Chevalier

The French Alps did not have much snow this winter right up till the day before our trip, when it snowed. Lucky for us! It only snowed once so the skiing slopes did not have ideal snow, but the weather was nice and sunny and it’s a beautiful place, so we had a great week skiing. I also loved driving between the different resorts through the mountains as the views were amazing.



IMG_20170119_140602 (1)

IMG_20170114_161949 IMG_20170114_173315


And back in Berlin again, where we caught up with friends and went to look at (and walk on) the frozen lakes.

16299161_10154953642027392_4930151336957119554_n IMG_20170129_195314_291

Les Diablerets

Then off to a meeting in Les Diablerets. This time the meeting was so busy that I only got to take one of the forest walks I enjoyed so much last time.

IMG_20170130_170333  IMG_20170202_140806 IMG_20170202_140811

…and back again

Tomorrow I fly back to Berlin again. Let’s see what the rest of the year brings!

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