Weekly small pleasures #24 – Holding onto summer


Where did August go?

Well – we  were getting married! Most of August was consumed with wedding preparations. Organizing a wedding (not to mention the paperwork for the marriage) takes a lot more time than I would have expected.  We also snuck in a brief trip to the Canary islands, which I will definitely share some photos of at some point! My parents stayed with us in Berlin the week after the wedding, which made me think I should also share some photos of Berlin and Prague at some point.


Anyway – now things are back to normal, and we have been lucky enough in Berlin to be having really hot September weather. September is often still sunny and nice, but this year we’ve even had really warm temperatures to go with it. This is a great pleasure, and I feel a bit sentimental about every sunny day knowing that the autumn temperatures will probably set in from this weekend (the forecasts for next week are 18-20 degrees Celsius). But, before they do, here were this Week’s Small Pleasures. Thanks to Mani at a New Life Wandering for hosting this blog event. It’s great that she and Thistles and Kiwis are regular posters!

1. Camping and a bike ride. I wrote about the trip here. Part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is that we haven’t been camping in a while. It’s really fun to go to sleep and wake up in a tent! And riding through the countryside on the bike is always nice.


2. Making the most of a warm week by going to the lakes after work. On Tuesday, four of us went to Lake Tegel, which I hadn’t visited before. The water was a bit cold but it’s always fun to go swimming. Nearby we found a promenade next to the lake, another part of Berlin I hadn’t seen before! Even better, a kiosk nearby was selling fish and chips and flammkuchen. We enjoyed sitting outside on a warm summer’s evening.


3. Another lake on Thursday. There was no sun left by the time we got there, but the water was actually quite warm.


4. Friday. Some Fridays come not a moment too soon. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead.

5. Pumpkin soup. It’s that time of year when pumpkins start appearing in the shops again, so we had some pumpkin soup for dinner.



6. Having time to write a blog post (or two!).

Have a lovely week!



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3 thoughts on “Weekly small pleasures #24 – Holding onto summer

    • nn says:

      Thanks! 🙂 Yes the biking is really fun, it’s something I only started with when moving here. Hills are hard work on my bike though, it’s more a city bike. I should probably buy some kind of trekking bike! Have a good week 🙂

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