Summer fruit dumplings (Knedliky)

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This is a great Czech summer dish. The first few times we had these fruit dumplings we ate the plum version, Švestkové knedliky. But this summer we had some with apricots and peaches inside, and they were just as good. It’s actually fun to make a mix so that you get a surprise when you cut each one open.


500g flour

500g quark

2 eggs

pinch of salt

100g powdered sugar (icing sugar)

10ml baking powder


Plums, apricots and/or peaches, washed


To serve: melted butter, powdered sugar, grated hard quark or yoghurt, Mohn (poppyseeds – optional)

Mix all the dough ingredients together into a ball that is firm enough for rolling. Roll it out and cut into squares. Into the middle of each square, place one fruit. Wrap the fruit up in the dough and blend the edges together, then roll in your hand to make it nice and round and smooth.

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Drop into boiling water (you can add a pinch of salt to the water if you wish) and boil them until they float.


They are then ready to be served hot with melted butter, powdered sugar, and some grated quark or yoghurt. A great addition is to pour some Mohn (poppyseeds) over as well.


Dobrou chuť! (Bon appetit)



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