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Eating our way around Georgia


We’ve just returned from a short trip to Georgia (the country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, not the American state), and apart from the beautiful snowy mountain vistas, one of the outstanding things about the holiday was the local food. The dishes were all freshly made and tasty, making good use of local ingredients, herbs and spices. I confess, I don’t have many good photos of Georgian food, because we were too busy stuffing our faces. But here’s what you can expect to find in Georgia when you’re looking for something to eat or drink: Continue reading



Summer fruit dumplings (Knedliky)

IMG_20140823_130633 (1)

This is a great Czech summer dish. The first few times we had these fruit dumplings we ate the plum version, Švestkové knedliky. But this summer we had some with apricots and peaches inside, and they were just as good. It’s actually fun to make a mix so that you get a surprise when you cut each one open. Continue reading