Middle Europe Weekly Small Pleasures #13 – Christmas market season

Last Sunday was the first Advent, and so the Christmas season has started. So many Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkten) to visit, and not enough weekends! This time of year always flies by very quickly as there is always a lot to finish off at work before the holidays, including planning for the new year so that things run smoothly upon returning to work, as well as  presents to find, cookies to bake, Christmas decorations to put up and Christmas markets to visit. There are a large variety of Christmas markets in Berlin, ranging from traditional ones, touristy ones, design, modern or “hipster” ones, to the country specialty markets (Nordic Christmas market, Dutch Christmas market) and the unusual ones (Japanese Christmas market). Some of them are open the whole season, whereas others are only open for one weekend. Here is a map of the markets in Berlin for 2015, here is a description of a few of the traditional ones we visit every year (not all inclusive!),  and here is a list of more unusual ones to visit.

So here are some of the good moments from this Christmassy week. Continue reading


Christmas markets in Berlin


Market at Potsdamer Platz, 2012


Christmas bling at the Arkaden, Potsdamer Platz

The days are getting colder and darker as midwinter approaches, but visiting a Christmas market is a great way to cheer up. Have a gluhwein (or two or three), take a look at the handcrafted goods (which can make nice Christmas presents) and eat something delicious like quarkbӓllchen, knödel with Mohn, smoked fish, wildbouletten, raclette, cheese fondue, mushrooms, grilled sausages, potato puffs, caramelized almonds and much more. Continue reading