Christmas markets in Berlin


Market at Potsdamer Platz, 2012


Christmas bling at the Arkaden, Potsdamer Platz

The days are getting colder and darker as midwinter approaches, but visiting a Christmas market is a great way to cheer up. Have a gluhwein (or two or three), take a look at the handcrafted goods (which can make nice Christmas presents) and eat something delicious like quarkbӓllchen, knödel with Mohn, smoked fish, wildbouletten, raclette, cheese fondue, mushrooms, grilled sausages, potato puffs, caramelized almonds and much more. Berliner Morgenpost has published a nice “Weihnachtsmarkfahrplan” showing the location of some of the Christmas markets in Berlin and the days they are open here:


From Berliner Morgenpost (see website)

Some of my favourites are:

Spandau Weihnachtsmarkt: This is a really big one and the old town of Spandau is lovely. We haven’t visited it yet this year. There is a stage where bands play Christmas music and you can also watch traditional music played by a group of people with some interesting instruments. It’s a really nice one to wander around.



Spandau Christmas market, 2012

Gendarmentmarkt Weihnachtsmarkt: Gendarmenmarkt is beautiful at any time of the year, but even more so once the star-topped white tents of the Christmas market appear. There is a heated tent in the middle where you can escape the cold for a bit to look at some of the craft items for sale, and there’s often music or even dancing on stage (once I saw some ballet dancers performing to the music of the Nutcracker suite).

IMG_20141127_184655 IMG_20141128_185203 IMG_20141129_192517 IMG_20141129_193145


Kulturbrauerei Weihnachtsmarkt: This market has a really nice medieval feel and some great food. Try the wildbouletten and the cheese fondue.

IMG_20141129_232632 IMG_20141129_232818 IMG_20141129_232951

For a more extensive list see here:



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