The year 2015 in Instagrams (Part 1)


As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the year and prepare for the next one. Since my phone is overloaded with photos I’ve taken during the year, I decided to clean it up to make space for next year’s adventures, but in the process ended up browsing through my old Instagram photos and thinking about the year that has passed. For those of you who don’t know Instagram, it’s a phone application that allows you to edit your photos easily and share them with others. The instant filters are fun to use and sometimes help capture the feeling of a place better than the original photo, since when you’re taking photos the light isn’t always ideal. So without further ado, here’s a look back on 2015 with the help of some Instagrams. I’ll split it into two parts as it’s a lot to go through!

IMG_20141230_132520The first snow fell of the season fell on 26 December 2014, and as we were in Czech over the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, we headed off to the slopes to enjoy some skiing.

IMG_20141228_102200IMG_20141227_213727As well as some skiing, we also visited some nearby places in Czech republic such as Kutna Hora and Třebechovice, before heading to Pec pod Sněžkou for New Year’s eve, where we hiked up the snowy forested mountain Sněžka, before spending the next two days skiing.

Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora


January was all about skiing, and we were not back in Berlin long before we headed off to Val Thorens for our annual skiing holiday with a group of friends. (Hang in there, I promise the snow photos will end soon!)

IMG_20150128_181010 IMG_20150128_181434 IMG_20150201_122258 IMG_20150201_124350

At the end of January I also had a meeting in IJmuiden in the Netherlands – the idea was to isolate us and they did it well since this seaside area was completely deserted in the middle of winter! But it’s always good to see the sea. A nature reserve in the area has some interesting sand dunes.


Although there was plenty of snow further afield, this year there was hardly any snow in Berlin, but there were still some nice sunny days for winter walks and the first signs of spring appeared early.

IMG_20150206_094837 IMG_20141205_203214 IMG_20150214_175904 IMG_20150215_172506


At the end of February / beginning of March, J and I went to South Africa (my home) for a great holiday that included sightseeing in Cape Town, a trip to Kruger national park, and a road trip on the garden route. I mostly took photos on my camera of this, so not many Instagrams, but here are a few of Cape Town.

IMG_20150228_223223 IMG_20150329_204512 IMG_20150329_205049

IMG_20150329_205450 IMG_20150329_213609

By the time we arrived back to Berlin, spring had fully arrived. As soon as the sun comes back to Berlin, people emerge from hibernating in their apartments to flood the street cafes and parks.

IMG_20150323_175735 IMG_20150411_220857 IMG_20150412_174741IMG_20150412_175746A walk around San Souci in Potsdam on a cloudy day provided some nice photo opportunities. These former palaces are dramatic all year round.

IMG_20150412_113635 IMG_20150412_113753 IMG_20150412_113831 IMG_20150412_114731Over the Easter weekend we took a trip to Vienna and Slovenia. Again most of my photos were on the camera, so not many Instagrams. We flew to  Vienna from Berlin, spent some time there enjoying the Easter markets and city, and then drove in a rental car to Slovenia where we visited Piran, Postojna Cave, Ljubljana, Lake Bled, and Vintgar gorge. And – the year flew by so quickly that I still haven’t had a chance to write about this! Slovenia is truly a beautiful country with friendly, kind people and well worth visiting.


Lake Bled




Easter markets in Vienna


During spring, we also visited the farm in Czech again over a weekend. It was beautiful, sunny and filled with blossoms, probably one of the loveliest weekends of the year. We also visited the castle Kunětická Hora.

IMG_20150419_215126 IMG_20150419_215416IMG_20150419_215628Spring also means the Blossom festival in nearby Werder an der Havel, where people flock to the town and surrounding farms to try a myriad of fruit wines made from fruits as various as quince, blueberry, blackcurrant, plum, cherry, peach, and many others. There are so many berries in Germany that I don’t even know all the names of them in English. For more about the festival, see here.



With the return of nice weather, people start organizing a lot more activities in Berlin, so as summer began we started going to barbecues, taking long bike rides,  kayaking, swimming and much more. There are also lots of festivals at this time of the year, and as midsummer approaches the days get longer and longer.

IMG_20150511_233905 IMG_20150525_224310 IMG_20150622_140116 IMG_20150622_181607 IMG_20150718_204445 IMG_20150725_143513 IMG_20150725_144020 IMG_20150725_171326 IMG_20150802_210621 IMG_20150802_210722

IMG_20150425_211030 IMG_20150525_223121 IMG_20150525_224228 IMG_20150615_220026 IMG_20150621_215440 IMG_20150630_160117


Since we are now apart half way through the year, I’ll save the rest for part 2 – the second part of summer with trips to the Ostsee, Spain and Croatia, autumn and the beginning of winter!  Some of these events feel like just yesterday; it’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over.

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