The Year 2015 in Instagrams (Part 2)

Time for part two of my recap of 2015 using some of the Instagrams I created on my phone throughout the year! I don’t have Instagram photos of all of the places we visited, but going through my Instagram folder has given me an overview of 2015. When I ended off in the last blog post, we had just reached summertime. Along with a lovely trip to the Ostsee (Baltic sea) in summer, we also took a four day trip to visit some friends in Seville. Together the four of us also travelled to Granada, where we visited the beautiful palace of Alhambra.

IMG_20150709_093448 IMG_20150711_173343 IMG_20150711_173811

We also spent some time in summer in Czech, in J’s family’s home near Pardubice, in Prague and in the picturesque hiking area Cesky Raj (where we climbed 273 stories in flights of stairs in one day, as measured by our friend’s phone app!).

IMG_20150820_234450 IMG_20150820_235010 IMG_20150820_235628 IMG_20150822_123345 IMG_20150823_113622

These were mostly all weekend trips, but at the end of summer I took proper summer holidays and returned to my home city Cape Town for one too-short week. I was fortunate to be there during great spring weather, with millions of flowers around and lots of sunshine. It’s always so nice to catch up with family and friends, see the mountain and the ocean and go hiking! In fact i had a hard time getting on the plane to come back to Europe, but I knew that J was there waiting for me.

IMG_20150901_165114 IMG_20150901_165628 IMG_20150901_165931

After flying back from Cape Town I  met J in Czech and we relaxed there for a while before heading on a road trip to Slovenia and Croatia. This trip was definitely one of the highlights of the year. Croatia, with its mountains and sea, reminded me a lot of home and also had fascinating archaeological sites and history. Slovenia is a wonderful country that reminds me of the Shire in Lord of the Rings, with beautiful mountains and countryside and kind, friendly people.

IMG_20150907_094727 IMG_20150908_090500 IMG_20150908_090628 IMG_20150910_003416 IMG_20150910_003647 IMG_20150910_003740 IMG_20150910_004059 IMG_20150911_094634 IMG_20150911_094731 IMG_20150911_194215 IMG_20150911_194518 IMG_20150912_130156 IMG_20150913_013336

Finally summer was over, but autumn offers its own pleasures. The leaves were changing into a myriad of colours and mushrooms of many sizes, shapes and colours were popping up after rainy days. We had a lot of fun going on autumn walks and bicycle rides with friends. September was chilly, but also brought the Festival of Lights, and later in autumn the weather was sunny and relatively warm.

IMG_20150927_232412 IMG_20150927_234406 IMG_20151003_195415 IMG_20151009_152613 IMG_20151010_190238 IMG_20151011_155837 IMG_20151026_234737 IMG_20151101_121329IMG_20151012_232733IMG_20151111_232228

J’s sister had a baby this year, so we also visited them a few times and on one occasion spent some time walking around Prague. We actually passed through Prague quite a few times this year and it was nice getting to explore a bit more of it.

IMG_20151017_230922 IMG_20151017_231152

November brought a work trip to another city I have visited a few times before but always enjoy, Brussels. Even though there was not much free time, there was enough time for a chocolate waffle, a walk around town and some kriek (cherry beer), as well as a visit to a beautiful Art Noveau house designed by Victor Horta.

IMG_20151104_232253 IMG_20151104_232414 IMG_20151104_233215

J and I also took a weekend trip to Czech Switzerland with some friends. At the height of autumn, it was absolutely beautiful on a misty day.


In November we also visited my uncle, aunt and cousin in the Rhineland, where we visited Bonn and the castle of Drachenfels.

IMG_20151118_205730 IMG_20151118_210453 - Copy IMG_20151118_210642 - Copy IMG_20151119_231043

Once December started it was time for Christmas markets, where we wandered among wooden stalls enjoying the scent of gluhwein and caramelized nuts, and browsed through the many handcrafted gifts for sale. I love visiting Christmas markets and this year we even made a trip further afield to visit the large Nürnberg and Dresden Christmas markets, although I haven’t even sorted out those photos yet! Both are also scenic and interesting towns in their own right. It’s amazing how well they were reconstructed after heavy damage due to bombing during World War II. We also visited Oslo for a weekend, where it was fascinating to see the low winter sun skirting across the horizon, casting a clear pale yellow light onto all the buildings, and to experience a bit of Norwegian culture. Finally it was off to Czech for Christmas and then to Slovakia for New Year’s – I thought I would write some blogs during the holidays but they flew by too quickly.

IMG_20151123_001848 IMG_20151205_110537 IMG_20151212_011915 IMG_20151212_012000 IMG_20151213_202959 IMG_20151213_204024 IMG_20151213_204102 IMG_20151217_001516

And with that, the Instagram journey of 2015 comes to and end. Happy 2016!

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