Grandpa’s rock buns


These rocks buns were on my grandfather’s wishlist for every birthday, Christmas and Father’s day, so my mother would always make him a big tin and some for us at the same time. She would make some slightly burnt ones especially for me, because I liked them that way. I guess the reason my grandfather liked rock buns so much is that they are good with a cup of tea. I think they make a nice breakfast when you’re in a hurry! Continue reading


Food metamorphosis: the difficulties of cooking in a foreign country



When you move to a foreign country, it’s comforting to cook some dishes from home now and then, to enjoy the familiar flavours. It wasn’t long after arriving in Berlin that I realized that this is easier said than done. I would cook something that I’d made at home a hundred times and it would taste completely different to how it would taste when cooked at home. Continue reading


Štrúdl (Czech strudel)

J’s family live on a farm in the Czech republic, and when we go to visit we are always offered lots of delicious home grown foods from the cellar: fruits, honey, potatoes, eggs, nuts, preserves and jams. Last time we returned to Berlin with a big bag of apples and pears, so “Let’s make ŝtrúdl!” said J one evening.

It’s really quick to make and delicious for breakfast or tea-time. We also tried a (non-traditional) savoury version (shown in the third picture), where instead of a fruit filling we added spinach, feta, dill, ground coriander, paprika, salt and pepper. This made a really great lunch! Continue reading